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    I can’t get my mouse running for aiming and shooting etc. For example it’s working wiith Quake out of the box.

    In the menu (megaton edition) you can move the curser, but you can’t click anything.

    Ingame there is also a moving courser, but you can’t shoot or aim.

    I tried in_mouse 1 and MouseAiming = 1 and several little things that dind’t work…

    Am I missing something ?


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    Never got it working either. Wasn’t sure if it was something wrong on my end or just a design flaw. Guess I’m not the only one then.

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    well also me, and i just switched our “module” to work from the last source. I believe it must make an assumption regarding sdl and the mouse grab function. i will look into it, but please open a ticket on github so it doesn’t get lost.

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    I’ve also got that issue, there’s only so much looking up and down using page up and page down on the keyboard I can take! :)

    Would be happy to get it working with the controller if anyone has any tips?

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    for controller just got into console (on the german keyboard it’s the ^ Button, next to 1) and enter ‘in_joystick 1’ without the quotes. works for my xbox 360 wireless.

    ok – i will open a ticket.
    thank you :)

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    In the main DosBox screen, in your Duke’s folder, execute “setmain” or “setup”.
    Then select the 3d line, “Controller Setup”, then “Choose Controller type” and finally select “Keyboard and Mouse”.
    Touché, coulé.

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