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    Hi all,

    I am trying to set up a wired 360 controller. I have it working in emulationstation menu no problem, can scroll, select roms etc. I am now trying to set it up for gameplay. I have tried going to the “Input Configuration” menu from emulationstation. It recognises my controller and I run through the prompts. I select all 3 emulators, map my buttons and when I try and save I get the message “Script Error!”.

    So I tried going into retroarch-joyconfig from command line and I get the error “Couldn’t open joystick #0”.

    Any ideas how I can solve this issue and get my xbox 360 wired controller working for gameplay? Do I need to perhaps need to manually enter the key maps in retroarch.cfg via FTP?

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Hmm. Further progress but still not working. I have been scouring the forums for similar problems and have ran:

    jstest /dev/input/js0

    It wouldn’t let me. So I tried

    jstest /dev/input/js1

    Out of courisotiy and it showed my wired controller!

    So I bastardised someone elses retroarch.cfg and manually entered my button numbers and ended up with this:

    input_player1_joypad_index = "1"
    input_player1_a_btn = "0"
    input_player1_b_btn = "1"
    input_player1_y_btn = "2"
    input_player1_x_btn = "3"
    input_player1_start_btn = "9"
    input_player1_select_btn = "8"
    input_player1_l_btn = "4"
    input_player1_r_btn = "5"
    input_player1_up_axis = "-1"
    input_player1_down_axis = "+1"
    input_player1_left_axis = "-0"
    input_player1_right_axis = "+0"
    input_player1_l2_btn = "6"
    input_player1_r2_btn = "7"
    input_player1_l3_btn = "11"
    input_player1_r3_btn = "12"
    input_player2_joypad_index = "2"
    input_player2_a_btn = "0"
    input_player2_b_btn = "1"
    input_player2_y_btn = "3"
    input_player2_x_btn = "2"
    input_player2_start_btn = "7"
    input_player2_select_btn = "6"
    input_player2_l_btn = "4"
    input_player2_r_btn = "5"
    input_player2_up_axis = "-1"
    input_player2_down_axis = "+1"
    input_player2_left_axis = "-0"
    input_player2_right_axis = "+0"
    input_player2_l2_btn = "6"
    input_player2_r2_btn = "7"
    input_player2_l3_btn = "11"
    input_player2_r3_btn = "12"
    input_enable_hotkey_btn = "8"
    input_exit_emulator_btn = "9"

    Note: I changed input_player1_joypad_index = “1” to 1 instead of 0 as 0 wasn’t my controller.

    I thought I was onto a winner! Loaded a rom, and nothing worked…until I tried the new hotkey to exit of Start and Select…AND IT WORKED.

    So, it seems that it just isnt reading my controller as Player 1 is that correct? As the hotkeys to exit would apply to any controllers rather than player1 input?

    Ahhh! Just as I thought I was getting somewhere, I am stuck again. Any help would be appreciated.

    I am pretty much a n00b when it comes to Pi and coding – so I hope some of this at least made a little sense?

    Thanks again.

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    Hi, did you install xboxdrv via the setup script or manually? I’m not sure exactly what the script configures but if you run sudo nano /etc/rc.local check the last line reads:

    xboxdrv –trigger-as-button –id 0 –led 2 –deadzone 4000 –silent &
    sleep 1

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    Yikes! I’m having the same problem–I just registered to say so! and I can confirm that I’m using –id 0 as well. I’m new to this–could it have something to do with the fact that the xbox controller is using the second/bottom usb port (if that goes top-to-bottom)!

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    Hi Trimmtrab,

    I tried it manually with no success and then ran the setup script, so technically both?

    The last line reads:
    xboxdrv --daemon --id 0 --led 2 --deadzone 4000 --silent --trigger-as-button --next-controller --id 1 --led 3 --deadzone 4000 --silent --trigger-as-button --dbus disabled --detach-kernel-driver & exit 0

    Does anything look out of place with that?

    Thanks for your help!

    Drapetomania, I’m using a usb hub, so I might try swapping the usb to a different usb socket and see what happens.

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    Try removing the other pad from that config so there’s just id 0

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    Further update. I edited the /etc/rc.local and used the code:

    xboxdrv –trigger-as-button –id 0 –led 2 –deadzone 4000 –silent &
    sleep 1

    When I launched a ROM. WE HAD SUCCESS! Xbox controller worked great. Had a spot of Double Dragon and Mario. Brilliant! Just before I was going to mark this as solved I decided to reboot, just in case…

    Now the controller won’t work in emulationstation at all, not even to change between the emulators and choose a ROM and strangle enough, neither does my usb keyboard now. Although Alt+F4 still allows me to access the console.

    How odd…

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    I think Emulation Station is expecting input from js1, try deleting /.emulationstation/es_input.cfg and reboot to reset the ES controls

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