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    I’m new to Retropie and have been spending the last week trying to get it up and running. I’ve tried version 2.2 and now 2.3 and have the same results.

    I image my SD card, I expand the file system, configure controller, copy roms and I am usually able to navigate and play some games a few times but after quitting games and restarting the system I start to get to a point where I can’t even navigate in the menu anymore. I come up to the main screen to select games and the controller won’t navigate and either will my keyboard. Sometimes I can navigate left and right to scroll through the emulators with the game pad and I can hit A button to view my list of roms and then it freezes. Sometimes I can scroll left and right through a couple of emulator and then it hits one and freezes. When it freezes neither game pad or keyboard gets me out of it. I pull the plug to power cycle and it’s a crap shoot if I will get any control when it comes up. Sometimes I can power cycle 4-5 times and get it to work sometimes it just doesn’t.

    I’m using the Retrolink SNES game pad if that matters. I do the initial set up of the game pad through the gui and then do the emulator game pad set up in console. I have reimaged my system about 10 times and every time it works great until I have to exit a game with esc on keyboard or reboot/power off and then things start going south.

    Any suggestions? I know this can’t be the normal experience

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    First guess is inadequate power supply, what is the current output rating of your supply? If it’s anything less than 1A (for powering the ‘old’ model B) you’re going to have problems.

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    Thanks. PS is 800mA so that is hopefully the culprit. First pi device so still learning. Thanks

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