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    Hi I’m building a Bartop arcade and was wondering if anyone was able to connect 2 players 2×12 buttons on the raspberry b+ seeing it has more gpio connections then the normal raspberry b.


    I have I was wondering if anyone had this already and was able to get it working for every emulator/emulation station and start select button combinations to exit game etc.

    It would be a waste to use a ipac if you can do without.

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    Hi, did you come right?

    Busy completing my bartop arcade at the moment. had to redo my setup for the 2.4 image of retropie. but it definitely does work.

    i have 4 buttons for each joystick, 6 buttons for each player + additional start and add coin buttons for each player. total of 24 buttons.

    there is some setup required, im using Adafruit-Retrogame, which is another version of retrogame which is what osnoogie posted.

    easy way to test is wire the buttons up, once you have done the retropie setup (not forgetting the modprobe uinput) you can just call ./retrogame from the command line and press the buttons, it should pick up. you can then open retrogame.c and change the button mappings.

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    Hi I have used the suggested solution. I havent tried it out fully but it does seem to ‘work’.

    I was able to used the first player keys in mame.

    However I was not able to reconfigure the buttons for emulation station or any other emulator. Does anyone have any idea to get that to work?

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    Will that wiring setup, and using the GPIO be compatible with all other emulators (NES, SNES, Sega, ATARI, etc)?

    I’m pretty new to the whole Lixux/Debian based programming and have completed building a full, 2-player arcade cabinet based on Lusids Arcade Flashback design. I’ve been fighting like mad to get it to work with an iPac2 controller (which RetroArch will not recognize at all for programming keys) and am seriously looking at wiring it directly into the GPIO.

    Current Setup:
    RetropPie 3.0 Beta V2

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    Peanut, I used the mk_arcade_joystick_rpi module and works fine to me. I just follow the install instruction on github.

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