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    Hi all together.
    I’m new in all that RasPi stuff. I own a new Pi2 and love SNES Games. I downloaded the Image for the Pi2 here and installed it. The EmuStation starts my controller got recognized and I can move in the Emustation and stuff. ROMS are loading and running correclty and smoth.

    My problem is that I can not manage to setup the controller for the ROMS itself. All tutorials I found had folders and files I don’t have! Can you help me what to do please ;(

    Beste regards Christoph (XBos One 2014 Wired controller)

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    You may not be able to use the Xbox One controller because I’m not sure it’s supported by xboxdrv yet. You could use and xbox 360 controller though. Either way, you want to install xboxdrv, which you can do from the retropie_setup.sh script under option 3 (i believe). Make sure you restart after installing xboxdrv, then go back into the setup script and walk through registering a retroarch controller.

    After that, you’ll be about 85% set up as retroarch doesn’t cover all of the emulators.

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    Hi all.

    Thanmks for answering and reading my post. Silly me found the solution right after opening this here.
    The XBO Conroller works absolutely fine btw :)

    retroarch_setup.sh Step 3

    Thanks an closed

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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