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    Hi forum!! Retropie dont support multiple screenshots for this reason I try to combine two or more images in only one and use this one for scrapper cover. I know This website on them you can combine 4 images in only one (I only like 2 images) (like attachments) but only one by one… Anyone know any app to make them automatic?? I like when I have 2 folders with the snapshots with the same name on different folders the app load all images and combine them automatic xD Thanks all!!

    P.D. I try them because I see one mod of the retropie theme using this

    <view name="detailed">
    		<textlist name="gamelist">
    			<pos>0.045 0.22</pos>
    			<size>0.525 0.58</size>
    		<image name="md_image">
    			<pos>0.025 0.22</pos>
    			<origin>0 0</origin>
    			<maxSize>0.18 0.351</maxSize>
    		<image name="header" extra="true">
    			<pos>0 0</pos>
    			<origin>0 0</origin>
    			<size>1 0.16</size>
    		<image name="footer" extra="true">
    			<pos>0 1</pos>
    			<origin>0 1</origin>
    			<size>1 0.065</size>

    To try look like the second attachment For this reason I try to combine the two images 8)


    What theme is that, did you make that or is it on the forum?


    The code of theme I found in other forum….. but only you need is edit the file /etc/emulationstation/themes/simple(or other)/(((SYSTEM)))/theme.xml
    with the code I post and you do the theme like attachment

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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