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    Hi guys,

    System: Raspberry Pi 2 B
    Version: Retropie V3.4
    Bluetooth Controller: 8Bitty by Think Geek

    I have paired my 8Bitty controller via the bluetooth config settings within RetroPie 3.4. It see’s my device, allows me to pair device. I then can see my deivce input letter’s at bottom of the page when pushing buttons.

    I reboot the system and it asks me to push and hold button on controller to configure, however it wont recognise my button presses from 8Bitty, although I can see the 8bitty is paired again (solid blue LED). I hit F4 on plugged in keyboard and any button presses on 8Bitty produce multiple letters so its working but not working.

    Any idea’s? I can only see guides geared towards PS3 remotes and 8bitdo controllers.\

    Thanks in advance


    Please try “keep bluetooth scanning” fix from here:

    I suppose your bluetooth dongle is not up after a reboot.


    I have followed that guide. I can only follow step one as Step 2 and 3 are 8bitdo specific.

    I complete Step 1 with no issue.

    My controller pairs upon startup as its indicated via a blue LED on my controller.

    Its just when i get to the configure controller screen after the Retropie splash screen, the screen where you hold a button to begin pairing. It is here that my buttons are not registering. However If i hit F4 on a keyboard and exit this config screen my controller inputs text perfectly when pushing buttons in the command screen.

    Can’t find anything on here for anything other than 8bitdo or PS3/xbox. for example that guide is geared for 8bitdo


    Is your controller emulating a keyboard? I thought 8Bitdo work as joystick devices?


    I’ve no idea, how would i change this? Again my device is not an 8bitdo. I think it was designed for interaction mainly for IOS devices.

    Thanks for help so far.


    I think that only has an “iCade” mode, so I’m not sure quite how that plays with a standard connection. The 8bitdo pads can connect as keyboard, joypad, iCade or just with a USB cable, but I guess I could set mine to iCade mode and see if I can connect.

    Does your controller have a manual or spec sheet?


    I cant seem to find anything about it anymore online and don’t have the manuals anymore.

    Ive had it a while and it sounds like you may be on to something so maybe it is just an iCade controller and that is my problem? I have a wii, ps3/4 controller so will give those a go in the meantime to see if its a problem specific to the 8bitty controller.
    Thanks again both for help.

    Your absolutely right, Ive found a source online and this controller is listed as iCade only, this is my problem! I have ordered a SFC30 anyway but wanted to test my bluetooth dongle in the meantime so least I know thats doing its part and it should be fine for when the SFC30 arrives.

    Thanks all!


    Just as an FYI, gismo98 is referring to the following section of that page below the specific items:

    Keep bluetooth scanning
    This should keep the Pi scanning for bluetooth devices in case the pair is lost.
    sudo nano /etc/init.d/rc.local
    add “sudo hciconfig hci0 up piscan” (without the quotes) above the line that says “exit 0”
    ctrl x
    sudo reboot

    This worked for my bluetooth connection so should hopefully get you going for now at least.


    hi, i’m unable to find exit 0 in /etc/init.d/rc.local to put in the “piscan” code
    can i edit it in /etc/rc.loca instead?


    Exit 0 should be the very last line in that file, if it’s not there, add it.

    …and that file should be in /etc/ not /etc/init.d


    ok. so i’m right to put it in /etc/rc.local
    because in the guide it ask to put it in /etc/init.d/rc.local

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