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    Hey there!!!

    When i saw your project, i directly buy a raspberry pi 2 !
    Especially for mario kart on nintendo 64 !

    I follow the installation correctly, did the apt-get update and upgrade, system starts quick, added the to the n64 folder in roms via windows, it is recognized, but, the sounds is crackle and the video is very ugly, i can’t see anything correctly…

    So i have seek trough the net to see if any configuration has to be done.
    I tried to overclock to the higher one, the Pi 2. No changes for sound and video, but it is much faster ^^

    i am a beginner in the terminal, i know a few commands, like apt-get, reboot, halt, measure temp…

    Did i missed something???

    Your answer will be much appreciated !

    My configuration:
    Raspberry pi 2
    Aukru 2A adaptater
    Samsung Evo class10 uhs1 16giga µSdcard
    Samsung LCD 22′ linked to the pi with a hdmi/dvi cable ( i also tried on a 40’inch thomson on hdmi/hdmi, same result)
    one design white case
    Sony headphones jack 3.5mm
    USB logitech G15 keyboard
    USB dell generic mouse
    Microsoft sidewinder gamepad
    Playstation 3 controller

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    Hi there,

    try to update your mupen64plus Emulator, because gizmo updated the configs for mariokart64 to work properly by default (like always, consider to backup your system before making changes):

    sudo ./home/pi/RetroPie-Setup/

    and then update the script.
    restart it after the update was succesfull and choose
    “source-based Installation”
    and tick only the mupen64plus Emulator.

    This will reset your /opt/retropie/configs/n64/mupen64plus.cfg , so remember to set your hotkey to Exit the Emulator again.

    You might also consider to unzip your roms; I think i read something about this making the Emulation slower.

    With this, I can Play Mariokart64 and Mario64 smooth and without any noticeable crackles. Even the Multiplayer of Mariokart64 works now nearly fullspeed (only the race-start seems to be a bit slower).

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    The 2.6.0 image should come with Mupen64 ready to go:

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    That’s right floob, thanks for all your awesome Videos!
    they really helped me to understand some configs.

    The thing that didn’t work out of the box with the retropie 2.6 Image was Mariokart 64 Splitscreen (as it’s gles2n64 by default).

    Luckily gizmo98 fixed that as described here

    I don’t know if this also fixes the Audio issues of mike17, but at least I have no Issues with Mario64 and Mariokart64 with the updated Mupen64plus.

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    Thanks guys for replys!!!
    And sorry for the late, i work 5 days in a row work/sleep/work/sleep…

    It works great with the video tutorial ! No slows times but sometimes, sounds crackles…

    So i tried with another speakers, connecting differents wallplugs for raspberry and speakers, with raspbmc, raspbian… the sound still cracks.

    I finally guess the card as a sound problem, waiting right now for amazon answer to return/exchange the raspberry!

    Thanks again!

    Long life to retropie ^^

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    What amp is the power supply you’re using? It could be as simple as the pi is not getting enough power. It also could not be but its something to check just in case.

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