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    Hi, I’m trying to get the Atari ST emulator Hatari to work. To enter the emulator config menu you have to press F12. No exceptions, it seems.

    1. I am using a keyboard that has 10 function keys, not 12. Most of us will have no keyboard at all. Is there any way we can fix this? At least I’d like it so I press F10.

    2. When I did once get to the menu by renaming to a false ROM so it failed, it couldn’t recognize any of the configured joysticks. Any ideas?

    3. The joystick combination that sometimes takes me back to the EmulationStation (see other problem thread here: does not work, so I have to power off the R-Pi to ‘escape’.

    Any ideas or fixes greatly welcomed.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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