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    Hello everyone,

    the Amiga emulator in my Retropie doesn’t start.

    I’ve been reluctant to bother you since I’m very new to all this and have no idea of Linux or Retropie, so I’ve been reading as many post as possible but couldn’t find any solution. I’ve read the setup guides and seeen videos but nowhere is this issue addressed.

    adf files and empty Start.txt in rom folder, lowercase kicks in bios.

    This is mmy config file for Amiga:

    uae4all=”/home/pi/RetroPie/roms/amiga/+Start\ UAE4All.sh”
    uae4arm=”/home/pi/RetroPie/roms/amiga/+Start\ UAE4Arm.sh”

    and nothing happens, no Amiga menu/logo.

    Emulationstation is version 2.01, but I don’t know where to see the Retropie version.

    Every other emulator works 100% except Amiga and Apple II, just the ones that should launch the games from within the emulator.

    Really appreciate your help.



    If the emulator doesn’t show up at all, could you share what the Amiga section looks like in /etc/emluationstation/es_systems.cfg?

    It sounds like something may either be missing or incorrect in that file.


    [attachment file=”cfg pic.jpg”]

    Thank you for your amazingly prompt reply and excuse me since I have no PC with Linux so I had to take a pic of the screen (this is embarrassing). Hope it reads out clear.


    No problem at all.

    That was it! Just add “.txt .TXT” after the “.SH” in the command section. (without he quotes, of course)

    Once you get the emulator running, there is a thread showing how to start amiga games directly from ES. It works pretty well. If you haven’t used one of the amiga emulators before, you’ll quickly see why this is needed.

    Launch Amiga games from Retropie menu

    Use the second set of instructions.


    Thank you again !

    Sadly it seems I have no permission to modify es_systems.cfg

    chmod won’t work either.

    If this is because of my lack of Linux knowledge, I am very sorry.

    I’ve attached pic of the modification just in case I did it wrong.

    And once more: Thank You.

    [attachment file=”cfg pic 2.jpg”]


    Use sudo nano and the you will have permissions to change it.


    Hello again,

    I’ve done as suggested and could save changes to es_systems.cfg. Unfortunately the emulator still doesn’t recognize adf files and doesn’t show up in the menu.

    Thank you in advance for any other suggestion.


    btw my RetroPie version is 3.2.1


    If adf files don’t show up then either one of two things could be wrong, es_systems.cfg is not pointing to the correct folder, or the .adf extension is missing from the amiga section in es_systems.cfg. More than likely, it’s the later.


    Hi !

    Thank you very much for trying to help me.

    How do I fix or check those issues ?


    after the .SH on the extension line, simply add .adf .ADF


    Hello !

    .adf .ADF on the extension line after .SH
    .txt .TXT on the command line after .sh

    Amiga menu is there, roms listed (and Start.txt) !

    But no emulator (see attached pic). Whenever I try to launch one of the roms I get the message “invalid group .txt” and am returned to the roms list.

    Thank you.

    [attachment file=”cfg pic 3.jpg”]

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