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    It is a craiglist cheapo controller I picked up. I have a raspberry pi 2, 16gb micro sd, wifi dongle, hdmi wiring leading to tv, 3000MaH rechargeable battery, and usb to charge battery.

    I wanted to make something that could be brought anywhere and play pretty much anything and be updated via SSH easily.

    Things I need to work out:

    Making the battery % visible and accessible

    Making usb passthrough to connect second controller, etc

    Adding HDMI passthrough instead of wire coming from inside

    Adding stiffer spring for joystick, or replace all buttons and wire to GPIO pins

    all in one controller retropie project

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    Hehe, it’s hard to film and game at the same time! Your system looks pretty professional. Great job.

    A short Male-Female HDMI cable would be a nice way to add your HDMI port to the outside of the case. Same with USB.

    Looking forward to seeing the next round of tweaks!

    There’s a project recently funded on Kickstarter which is a similar concept. Theirs has a screen built in but I believe they claim it can attach to a TV for living room gaming. Maybe you can find out how they did it!

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    This looks similar to what I’ve thinking of doing for a future project (after I finish my cabinet build I’m working on now… wife says only one project at a time). I was thinking of maybe just getting a basic plastic or aluminum project box and cutting the holes for a joystick/button setup and mounting the pi and a rechargeable battery inside. What kind of lifespan are you getting on the pi off of the 3000MaH battery while gaming?

    Looks great though!

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