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    Hello Community,

    just a quick question, ive got the latest jessie image up and running fine with my wireless controller already, my question is.. is it possible to connect a secound wireless controller trough that one receiver to play 2player games or do i need another receiver and how to archive that if its possible?

    best regards


    You should be able to connect up to 4 wireless xbox360 controllers to one usb receiver. If you have already enabled the xbox driver, then by default two controllers will already be enabled. Simply sync your second controller to the receiver then map the buttons in emulation station just like you did for the first controller. The lights around the xbox guide button should even light up to correctly show which controller is 1st player and which is 2nd player.


    I only have one receiver for my two controllers and it works great.



    I wonder if you could use two receivers to connect more than 4 wireless xbox controllers? Like if you wanted to play 6 player X-men arcade for example. Would the two receivers conflict with each other?


    I think they would as there’s no way to tell xboxdrv which receiver to look for the controllers on.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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