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Add the extra lines into the existing system retroarch.cfg (at the top), dont rename one to be retroarch.cfg.

I’ll try to do a video soon.

Yeah I didn’t rename one. Which lines do I add to the existing file? I went over your vid on how to setup shaders for the snes, but I want to do exactly what patrickm is doing in his original. I follow all the steps, but I can’t seem to make the changes reload when I restart the emulator. I have to go through the steps all over again every time I want to play a game. If possible can you make a video on how to do all the steps that patrickm wrote. Plus adding the dotmask shader I can’t seem to make this one work. So Scanlines plus dotmask shader. Thanks I apreciate all you guys help.

The dotmask shader is very very subtle, you have to have your nose pressed to the screen to see the mask. If you are able to get other shaders working than this one is probably working, too. The most immediately noticeable effect is that it darkens the screen somewhat.

Yeah, some videos would be nice :)

I don’t really have the means to record quality video.

Yep as soon as I apply the scanlines the screen darkens, so I know I did that right.
But like said earlier I’m still having the problem of redoing everything after I change games or exit out of the emulator.