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[quote=97326]the lr-fba shouldnt be an issue assuming you havent tweaked its local retroarch.cfg[/quote]
And this is exactly why it was surprising that it didn’t work. I was going for the fastest way from start to finish, so naturally, the retroarch emulators were preferred. Given my time constraints, I didn’t want to have to edit any configs.

…and yeah, I think I ended up having to build him a fresh set because the set I use on my Pi 2 wouldn’t work for him. I’m using lr-fba just fine on my own Pi.

In terms of where I put the roms, I use my own folder structure that was slightly customized and copied over from 2.6, of course in doing so I need to make minor changes to es_systems.cfg. I separate out the FBA roms from CPS roms, for no other reason than I like seeing the Capcom logo in ES, and I use the NeoGeo logo instead of the FBA one. This has never been an issue before.