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[quote=96834]Patrick, any luck getting Doom fullscreen with integer on?


Nope, it has the same problem as CPS games, it had a unique resolution. In this case, 320×200. So you’re always going to get letterboxing on a 720p or 1080p display.

There are some 1080p displays that are 1200 pixels wide, if you could find one of those you could play Doom at fullscreen with integer scaling :)

edit: scratch what I said about stretching things with your TV remote. This WILL scale your content and result in artifacts, contrary to what I initially thought. It’s just that my TVs scaler does it so well that the artifacts are very slight; they only become noticeable when the screen is scrolling vertically, at which point it’s awful :(

You just have to live with letterboxing sometimes with a fixed-pixel display with integer scaling on, it seems like.