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[quote=96827]Hello based on your feedback I tried the above however I do not have the options of “wii scanlines or “sharp-bilinear.

Is this because I am on version 2.6 or because I am trying this on the PSX emulator?


The latest version installed by the Retropie setup script has the needed files. Or you can follow the link in one of the above posts:

My recommendation is to just use the CRT-Hyllian shader, it’s easier and looks great.

options -> shader options -> shader passes set to 1
shader 0 -> CRT-Hyllian
apply settings.

Set RA resolution to 960×720.

If Hyllian is too heavy for your taste, try Caligari. Caligari is closer to a consumer-grade CRT whereas Hyllian is more like a professional-grade CRT. Caligari also has the aperture grill simulation, if you’re into that.