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I just added another wifi option to the source code- I’ve updated to wiki to reflect the change so the first option will walk you through it. You’ll need to update your setup script (you’ll need to be connected to the internet through Ethernet for this) if you arent comfortable with the terminal you can also access the retropie setup script from the retropie menu if you’re using retropie 3.0

cd RetroPie-Setup
sudo ./retropie_setup.sh
Update setup script
Exit setup script

cd RetroPie-Setup
sudo ./retropie_setup.sh
Option 3 setup
Option 323 Retropie configuration menu

Then on reboot there will be a new option in the retropie menu in emulationstation called configure wifi- then you should be able to connect using the steps laid out in the updated wiki article.

BTW with your particular WiFi dongle some of the things I’ve read have suggested that the drivers are configured by default in the latest rpi firmware so there wouldn’t be a need to compile the kernel for the driver and whatnot, but I could be wrong. The newest option I outlined above is wicd-curses and it might also solve firmware issues as well but don’t quote me on that either.