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It’s all paint. I used an oil based enamel (Rust-Oleum, gloss).
I rubbed wood glue into all the cut edges of the MDF to seal them up (took about 3 coats of wood glue) and sanded it smooth. Then I mixed a 50/50 solution of wood glue and water and coated the entire cab with a foam brush ( also 3 coats followed by sanding with 220 grit). Then I used KILZ oil-based primer and shot 2 coats with my HVLP gun (followed by sanding with 220 grit). I then shot the black (5 coats) of gloss black with HVLP (thinned with VM&P Napthala). Sanded in between coats. Once the gloss black had completely dried and cured, I taped it off and used a 4″ wide smooth foam roller to roll on the paint for the stripes.