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When playing CPS (MvsC for example) games via FBA-Libretro and having the aspect at 4:3, do you find they are letterboxed with some minor black bars at the top and bottom? I have crop overscan ‘off’ and integer scale to ‘on’. It’s really bugging me. Any ideas?

Cps games used special monitors that put out 224 horizontal lines, I think. That’s why you will always get letterboxing with integer scaling on, because 224 won’t divide evenly into 1080 or 720. You can stretch the image using your TV remote to compensate for this, that’s what I’ve been doing with games that have weird resolutions. You can also cover up the letterboxing with an overlay. I don’t know of a better solution. Turning integer scale off will give you some unequally scaled pixels, but you might not notice with the right shader.