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1: https://www.petrockblock.com/forums/topic/scraper-doest-find-existing-results-in-thegamesdb/#post-96165 I’ve never been able to get thearchive database to work. Also if you want to manually enter metadata, in emulationstation while choosing a game from your menu press select on the game you want to add metadata for and you can specify the file path to an image (that you added through something like winscp) as well as add metadata like descriptions and whatnot (you’ll need a keyboard of course). But make SURE that you quit emulation station from the start menu if you want your manual edits saved- not shutdown or restart system- choose “quit emulation station” its the only way your manual edits will be saved.

2: there are hexadecimal colour codes in XML files that define the colours of emulationstation. I can’t remember if its the game list.XML or theme. I want to say theme though. Its located in /etc/emulation station/themes/simple/theme.XML or something similar to it in that general vicinity, play around with the code and see what happens- you could even come up with your own theme :D

3: df -h /dev/root

4: if it is a larger card, once you’ve written the SD image to it you will need to expand the filesystem from raspi-config again to utilise all of the space.