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I use exactly the same Adapter but i couldnt get both controllers to work. Are you using 2 original sony controllers of exactly the same type? Because i think this causes my problem. I tried a original sony and a Logic at first and the Red light from the sony controller turned off as soon as i plugged the other one in. Then I tried with a PS2 and a PS1 controller this works slightly better but not perfect either because i cant have them both running at the same time.
now if you’d confirm me that 2 controllers of the same type are working i will definetly purchase some more.
Have you done your configurations yet? does it work fine?

I actually bought a second adapter in hopes that i could have 4 Controllers connected to the pi alltogether.

Do you guys think the Pi can handle this? Has anyone ever seen or even tried smthing like this?

I tried these configs once:

but they dont work for me.