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you said you did setting for zelda majoria’s mask i can get it to load but it is missing textures. like the side of the buildings are just black. any idea how to fix it? i have tryed and changed every setting nothing works. here is my current rice settings

# Control when the screen will be updated (0=ROM default, 1=VI origin update, 2=VI origin change, 3=CI change, 4=first CI change, 5=first primitive draw, 6=before screen clear, 7=after screen drawn)
ScreenUpdateSetting = 7
# Frequency to write back the frame buffer (0=every frame, 1=every other frame, etc)
FrameBufferWriteBackControl = 1
# If this option is enabled, the plugin will skip every other frame
SkipFrame = False
# If this option is enabled, the plugin will only draw every other screen update
SkipScreenUpdate = True
# Force to use texture filtering or not (0=auto: n64 choose, 1=force no filtering, 2=force filtering)
ForceTextureFilter = 2
# Primary texture enhancement filter (0=None, 1=2X, 2=2XSAI, 3=HQ2X, 4=LQ2X, 5=HQ4X, 6=Sharpen, 7=Sharpen More, 8=External, 9=Mirrored)
TextureEnhancement = 6
# Secondary texture enhancement filter (0 = none, 1-4 = filtered)
TextureEnhancementControl = 0
# Frame Buffer Emulation (0=ROM default, 1=disable)
FrameBufferSetting = 0
# Render-to-texture emulation (0=none, 1=ignore, 2=normal, 3=write back, 4=write back and reload)
RenderToTexture = 3
# Force to use normal alpha blender
NormalAlphaBlender = False
# Use a faster algorithm to speed up texture loading and CRC computation
FastTextureLoading = False
# Use different texture coordinate clamping code
AccurateTextureMapping = True
# Force emulated frame buffers to be in N64 native resolution
InN64Resolution = False
# Try to reduce Video RAM usage (should never be used)
SaveVRAM = False
# Enable this option to have better render-to-texture quality
DoubleSizeForSmallTxtrBuf = False
# Force to use normal color combiner
DefaultCombinerDisable = False
# Enable game-specific settings from INI file
EnableHacks = True
# If enabled, graphics will be drawn in WinFrame mode instead of solid and texture mode
WinFrameMode = False
# N64 Texture Memory Full Emulation (may fix some games, may break others)
FullTMEMEmulation = False
# Enable vertex clipper for fog operations
OpenGLVertexClipper = False
# Enable/Disable SSE optimizations for capable CPUs
EnableSSE = False
# Use GPU vertex shader
EnableVertexShader = True
# If enabled, texture enhancement will be done only for TxtRect ucode
TexRectOnly = False
# If enabled, texture enhancement will be done only for textures width+height<=128
SmallTextureOnly = False
# Select hi-resolution textures based only on the CRC and ignore format+size information (Glide64 compatibility)
LoadHiResCRCOnly = True
# Enable hi-resolution texture file loading
LoadHiResTextures = False
# Enable texture dumping
DumpTexturesToFiles = False
# Display On-screen FPS
ShowFPS = True
# Use Mipmapping? 0=no, 1=nearest, 2=bilinear, 3=trilinear
Mipmapping = 2
# Enable, Disable or Force fog generation (0=Disable, 1=Enable n64 choose, 2=Force Fog)
FogMethod = 0
# Color bit depth to use for textures (0=default, 1=32 bits, 2=16 bits)
TextureQuality = 0
# Z-buffer depth (only 16 or 32)
OpenGLDepthBufferSetting = 16
# Enable/Disable MultiSampling (0=off, 2,4,8,16=quality)
MultiSampling = 0
# Color bit depth for rendering window (0=32 bits, 1=16 bits)
ColorQuality = 0
# OpenGL level to support (0=auto, 1=OGL_1.1, 2=OGL_1.2, 3=OGL_1.3, 4=OGL_1.4, 5=OGL_1.4_V2, 6=OGL_TNT2, 7=NVIDIA_OGL, 8=OGL_FRAGMENT_PROGRAM)
OpenGLRenderSetting = 0
# Enable/Disable Anisotropic Filtering for Mipmapping (0=no filtering, 2-16=quality). This is uneffective if Mipmapping is 0. If the given value is to high to be supported by your graphic card, the value will be the highest value your graphic card can support. Better result with Trilinear filtering
AnisotropicFiltering = 0