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[quote=94508]I think I’m confused with this protoboard. I will have an extension lead in the back to power the pi and monitor, as you say the controls can be all power by the pi. I guess the speakers can be plugged into an extension lead? So it just leaves powering the led strip.[/quote]

So the LED strips only need a 12v source of power to turn on. I have a 2.1mm barrel jack connected to the power rail on that side of the protoboard. There is a 12v 5a PSU providing power to that jack. So, everything plugged into that rail is getting juice from the 12v 5a PSU. I put header pins on the rail and made quick disconnects for the LED strips as well as the LEDs on the front triangle buttons on my build.

As for the speakers, I have them receiving signal and power from the amp that is attached to that protoboard. That amp is getting its own dedicated 12v 5a PSU running into the barrel jack connected to the board.

Moving forward, I will have both of those areas (the LED power rail and the amp) receiving power from the ATX PSU, but it is working setup as-is.

[quote=94731]Where is this config file I can edit please for disable_audio_dither=1?[/quote]

I was having the static issue and changed this in my config.txt file as well, but that dramatically decreased the overall volume for some reason. If you want to clear the static noise and retain full range of volume, use a USB sound card for the Pi like this one:

It’s not plug-and-play and you will need to do some light configuration to get it to work, but it will fix the issue at hand.