Honestly, I’ve been wading through the mess of N64 info for RetroPie for a few weeks because I recently got a Pi2 and was excited at the prospect of playing the N64 games, and it isn’t worth it.

Both N64 emulators are more or less trash–certain games only work semi-decently on one or the other, setting up the controllers is a giant, giant pain, and then switching between the right gfx plugins (which work differently for each game) is just another fun step.

Unless you’re pursuing N64 emulation as a kind of work project, save yourself the frustration and just wait until someone gets that shit figured out. The last thing I want to do is have some friends over and try loading up something like Mario Kart 64, only to have them wait while I hotkey+F1 into the retroarch menu, swap out some video plugins, and pray the damn thing will work without issue.