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I believe when they refer to Xbox1 support they are talking about the original Xbox controllers not Xbox One (worst naming decision for a console, I think). As far as I’ve read the instructions needed to initialize the Xbox One controller are quite different than the original Xbox and Xbox 360 controllers. I could be wrong on this, but when I read over that information that’s how I took it in.

As far as wired vs wireless on the Xbox One controller as of right now there are no wireless receivers for it and you have to use a USB cable to play with it. I’ve gotten my other controllers working fine, and used some guides to tinker around with emulator settings and such. I think at the current point in time the best thing for me to attempt is using a newer build and adding Emulation Station and all the other stuff myself, or just wait until a newer image is produced. I was just hoping there’d be some easier instruction on how to do this without building it myself. Obviously not many people are using the Xbox One controllers on PCs yet so I understand there’s no real big push to get an updated image for a very small minority.