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Thanks for all the testing, and the info you provided.

They were very, very useful.
I found it why they don’t work, and probably the solution!

First, I tried everything with group 2, and mode 1, since I couldn’t get the GG Emulator working even with only config.txt editing (in the original mode, so group 2, mode 35 which is 1280×1024). Then it magically worked. And so did PicoDrive work, exactly as it should, because in the RetroArch config, it is set to rotation 1 (well 3 for my case, because in the RPi config it’s clockwise, and in RA Config it’s counter-clockwise), so it rotates by 90° FROM the rotated 90°, and that results in standard rotation!

So basicly, if it works with the RPi config’s rotation, then the RA rotation should be set to 0.

Now I just have to find out which is the highest resolution supported both by the emulators and the monitor, so some testing waits for me, yay!

Thanks for the help!