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In my first set up I was using these SNES usbs,

TERRIBLE d-pad. Just awful. Left and right would almost always register as up or down. And when you’re playing old games that mostly rely on timing and pixel precision (like say Mega man, Mario, Zelda and oh I don’t know, 90% of the games released on consoles at that time) it means you’re going to be frustrated.

So I bought a Bluetooth dongle (ASUS USB-BT211) and was determined to get my PS3 controllers working. Months later, here I am with only one functioning controller. I spent many hours trying to piece together the tutorial I’ve seen on the these forums and others. And it never worked. But, the method that DID work (and I just didn’t know existed) was using

Still that only works for one controller at a time apparently. I tried running the PS3 controller setup with 2 controllers plugged in, they will both connect independently but when you try them both only one works. I am using a USB Hub, so I don’t think power is an issue.

Any thoughts?