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hey mate, i’m having troubles with this game pad, i can get into jstest /dev/input/js0 but none of the button presses, any pointers would be great! thanks

[quote=4154]Currently using the Logitech F710 Wireless Controller. I haven’t finished setting everything up yet, but it’s working well for the menu and GBA.

Logitech F710

Just bear in mind that many devices see this as an Xbox 360 controller (including some PC games) – BUT the button mappings differ, so button mapping this thing may be a little counterintuitive.

It’s a great controller. A bit hefty, but has great grip and a good button layout (akin to the PS layout). It’s also the best PC gamepad you can buy – even Valve endorses it!

ok sent the controller back to the guy on eBay, got a refund, and bought a new one and worked out of the box!!