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[quote=119541]yup running retropie over sd card using samsung evo 32gb class 10 micro sd. My iso’s are on a hard disk.

I don’t know really maybe i’m looking to hard at the fps but fully playable should be running smoothly at 60/60 fps withouth frameskip well that’s fullspeed at least. Pi3 can’t handle that (probably can for certain 2d games) Even frameskip 1-3 is not showing 100% speed in fps counter i can see the percentage going down quite a lot.

So i’m not certain what the problem might be either i’m too focused on the fps counter or others are not ? Later today i’m going to test a few other / older games and see how they perform

[/quote] Playable, to me, has nothing to do with frame count. (unless of course it’s way too low) I’ll turn frame skip on if it needs to be. My requirements for playability are pretty subjective. If the skipping is bad enough it bothers me, I’d consider it unplayable. Generally, I’m looking for around 30 fps or higher, below that becomes untolerable.