I started over. Again.
This time I put the ROMS in the respective folders. 037b11 back in MAME4ALL
and the .94’s back into AdvMame folders. Oh and I think I must have put the inputs in the wrong .cfg file. Because that’s all good too. The only problem now is my TrackBall. I just can NOT get that to work. I have one more thing I’m going to try before I just not use it at all.
In short…All the buttons are responding now and all my games are working now. The only odd thing is when the ROMS load there’s and error saying it might now work but then it loads anyway.

Moral of the sorry. Don’t give up. Take a Breath. Keep reading. Keep Trying.
Here is what I have come across and I saved the link in my favorites.

Retropie 2.3 and IPAC2 arcade controller

How to key map mapping the keyboard for the I-PAC or other keyboard duplicator.

Everyone on here is awesome. THANK YOU!