This page lists all printed-circuit boards that were developed for various projects. The list is chronologically ordered. If you have any comments or questions or are interested in one board or another, just send me a mail!

  1. SNES-Adapter Board: This board was developed to allow for an easy connection between a microcontroller board and two SNES or NES controllers. It also provides break outs for two LEDs and a button. This is the article about this board.
  2. Pancake Board: This is an all-purpose prototyping board with an ATMega328 or ATMega168 microcontroller and an USB female connector type B that can be used for arbitrary purposes. It is compatible with the Arduino IDE and can be programmed with a 6-pin ISP or a FTDI cable. This is the article about this board.
  3. RetroPie GPIO Adapter: a dedicated GPIO adapter for the Raspberry Pi that allows an easy and safe connection of up to two NES or SNES controllers. This is the article about the board.