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    I have come up with a very easy way to fix the multiple PS3 controller connecting issue.

    It turns out the mode PISCAN which turns on ISCAN and PSCAN at the same time for the bluetooth fixes the issue. The command to manually do this is

    “sudo hcitool hci0 piscan”

    This will let both controllers connect perfectly. So the easy fix I did was just above the Exit 0 in the /etc/rc.local file I added a line that reads:

    “hcitool hci0 piscan”

    So when the PI boots it enables that mode automatically with a nice simple command.

    The other thing I have noticed is that for some reason when you first copy the 2.5 image to your card and boot it your bluetooth adapter is in the state down. This is easily fixed with

    “sudo hciconfig hci0 up”

    Once you do this a single time there is a line in the /etc/blueooth/main.conf that tells your PI to remember the last manual state set on the adapter so it will be automatically up the next time you boot it.

    As for the controller not detected screen if you do not get the controllers paired fast enough the quick and dirty work around is to add a sleep 10 or so timer so there is a delay, you could also echo something like “press the PS button now to pair your controllers” which would make this make a little more sense.

    I would love to find a way to get rid of that splash page all together but I may be ok at bashing my way through issues with the help of Google and a little smarts but I am not a code monkey so I that is better left to the real smart people. Maybe an option?

    By the way do any of the core developers read these so they can implement these things into a bug fix? Now it will be straight forward now that we have figured it out. ;)


    I have found a fix for this that I have tested multiple times. I am not sure of the best way to make this change sticky so it is not manual but I think this is the actual underlying issue.

    When I type “hciconfig” and I look at the output it will say “UP RUNNING PSCAN” and I will pair the first controller. Now this is the issue, I have noticed after the first controller if you run “hciconfig” again it will simply say “UP RUNNING” and that is it.

    If I then run “sudo hciconfig hci0 pscan” this puts it back into pscan mode and I can then pair the second controller.

    I am going to start my Google quest to see if I can now figure out why it is changing modes, maybe it is supposed to but it is indeed what causes the pair issue on the second controller it seems.



    I think I was able to find the fix. If you could try this out and confirm I would greatly appreciate it!

    Go to /home/pi/Retropie-Setup/tmp/build/ps3controller/sixad/

    Edit the bluetooth.cpp file.

    Change line #218 to what you see below.

    Replace this:
    if (!legacy && req.vendor == 0x054c && req.product == 0x0268) {

    With this:
    if (!legacy) {


    I should have mentioned that I used the 2.5 image download and that is what I am seeing this issue with. Both controllers are Genuine PS3 controllers.

    That is interesting.. so did both of your controllers work up until you did a update/upgrade? I am not one of the smart people that I read helping people left and right on this forum but if that is the case it would seem a specific program update is causing this issue.

    I have been using Retroepie for a long while now with two controllers but it was an older version on the Raspberry Pi B model. I got my new shiny rpi2 and had to have the new retropie since they did such a good job at everything and the new UI looks amazing.

    I have tried 3 total bluetooth adapters with the same issue so it does not appear to be bluetooth dongle hardware related.

    Someone that is smarter than me, could you give me something to try by any chance? I would love to help the community by working on this until it is fixed.


    I am having the same issue.

    I even ran .sixpair with both controllers plugged in and the only controller that will connect is the first that I press the PS button on. I can reboot and do the other controller and it works but if I try pairing the second controller it just blinks.

    Looking for help to get both controllers attached via bluetooth at the same time so I can get some 2 player lined up! ;)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)