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    It’ll also play Heretic quite nicely, but the joystick control won’t work on the game’s menu – you’ll need a keyboard for that. I tried Hexen on it, but unless you bang through the menu really fast and accept all the defaults (warrior, medium difficulty, etc) the thing will crash out with some kind of error to do with network games. But still, that’s 4 doom games (doom, doom II, plutonia and evilution) and heretic from this one install. Pretty nice. I have mine running at 1280 x 800 really well. I think it will also play Strife but that game is so dire I didn’t even try it out.

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    Guh, I’m a dunce.

    OK, scratch everything I put up there.. Here’s the real instructions. Execute:
    You’ll get a nice little DOS looking menu where you can activate joystick controls, select which axis is used for what, what buttons you want to use for what actions. If you want to be able to quit the game with the joystick, go to configure Keyboard / Other Keys… and under ‘Confirm Action’ change it from the default of ‘Y’ to ‘ENTER’. Then you’ll be able to quit the game at the prompt by using whichever button you’ve set as your fire button.

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    Alright, I’m just figuring this out myself. First, make sure you’re running cripsy doom 2.3 Cripsy-Doom_2.3. Install like so:

    sudo apt-get install -y libsdl1.2debian libsdl-image1.2 libsdl-mixer1.2 libsdl-net1.2 timidity
    wget -P /tmp/
    sudo dpkg -i /tmp/crispy-doom_2.3_armhf.deb

    Then copy your wad files somewhere handy. I make a directory called ‘wads’ in /home/pi/ and put the wads in there. Then run cripsy like so:
    crispy-doom -iwad ~/wads/doom.wad
    Let it load up – it’ll create the config files we need to change. Then exit the game. Next, you’ll need to turn on joystick support:
    nano ~/.crispy-doom/default.cfg
    Look for a line that reads “use_joystick 0” and change the 0 to 1. Save
    Next, you’ll need to tell crispy-doom about your joystick:
    nano ~/.crispy-doom/crispy-doom.cfg
    Look for a line that says ‘joystick-index -1’. In my case, my xbox 360 controller is joystick 0, so I changed the -1 to a 0. Then look at the lines below. For my controller, I wanted forward-back and strafe on the left joystick, and turn left/right on the right joystick, so I set the following values:

    joystick_index                0
    joystick_x_axis               2
    joystick_x_invert             0
    joystick_y_axis               1
    joystick_y_invert             0
    joystick_strafe_axis          0
    joystick_strafe_invert        0

    I’m still fussing around with the buttons – the default seems to be to have the bottom (A) fire, and the top (Y) button open the doors. Still working on the details there, but I hope this is enough to get you started.

    EDIT: I got the buttons the way I wanted them but now I’m looking for a way to quit out of the game with the joystick. I can hit the menu button, select quit from the menu, but the game comes up and wants me to type Y to exit… too bad there’s no Y key on the joystick. Hoping someone has a bright idea. :)

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