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    EDIT: I think I cleared all problems. And I’m stupid :)

    PROBLEM 1:
    Wiimote detected only If I login via SSH:
    Really stupid problem because this tutorial mention it:

    sleep 1 was the solution

    sleep 1 # Wait until Bluetooth services are fully initialized
    hcitool dev | grep hci >/dev/null
    if test $? -eq 0 ; then
        wminput -d -c  /home/pi/mywminput 00:19:1D:92:90:38 &

    PROBLEM 2:
    select and start buttons didn’t work.
    Just delete /home/pi/.emulationstation/es_input.cfg and follow GUI-Incstructions for button mapping. I was lazy and used mapping from this tutorial.

    My mapping (just Classic Pro Controller):

    <?xml version="1.0"?>
            <inputConfig type="joystick" deviceName="Nintendo Wiimote" deviceGUID="050000$
                    <input name="a" type="button" id="0" value="1" />
                    <input name="b" type="button" id="1" value="1" />
                    <input name="down" type="axis" id="1" value="-1" />
                    <input name="left" type="axis" id="0" value="-1" />
                    <input name="leftanalogdown" type="axis" id="4" value="-1" />
                    <input name="leftanalogleft" type="axis" id="3" value="-1" />
                    <input name="leftanalogright" type="axis" id="3" value="1" />
                    <input name="leftanalogup" type="axis" id="4" value="1" />
                    <input name="leftbottom" type="button" id="6" value="1" />
                    <input name="lefttop" type="button" id="4" value="1" />
                    <input name="right" type="axis" id="0" value="1" />
                    <input name="rightanalogdown" type="axis" id="5" value="-1" />
                    <input name="rightanalogleft" type="axis" id="2" value="-1" />
                    <input name="rightanalogright" type="axis" id="2" value="1" />
                    <input name="rightanalogup" type="axis" id="5" value="1" />
                    <input name="rightbottom" type="button" id="7" value="1" />
                    <input name="righttop" type="button" id="5" value="1" />
                    <input name="select" type="button" id="8" value="1" />
                    <input name="start" type="button" id="9" value="1" />
                    <input name="up" type="axis" id="1" value="1" />
                    <input name="x" type="button" id="2" value="1" />
                    <input name="y" type="button" id="3" value="1" />

    I have other values for Start and Select.
    <input name=”select” type=”button” id=”8″ value=”1″ />
    <input name=”start” type=”button” id=”9″ value=”1″ />

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)