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    I am trying to follow the guide here, but the wording does not make sense to me.


    I would like to make a custom config for this free Castlevania game which has it’s coontrols on it’s home page. Can someone help me out?


    Castlevania: Spectral Interlude for ZX Spectrum


    I’ve done a quick test on the desktop version of ZEsarUX and mapped the game for a PS3 controller. I don’t see why there should be problems on the pi version. I’ll test later this week to confirm.

    By default, ZEsarUX emulates the Kempston joystick. I found that, without any configuration, I could move left and right, jump and duck with the left analogue stick and use the whip with the fire button (cross on my controller – you may wish to remap the fire button in the ZEsarUX config file, /opt/retropie/configs/zxspectrum/.zesaruxrc).

    Here is the custom config file, castlevania_si_en.tap.config, I used to map the PS3 controller to the remaining QAOP controls.

    --machine 128k
    ; Game Map - Triangle
    --joystickkeybt 12 '0'
    ; Secondary Weapon - Square
    --joystickkeybt 15 'm'
    ; Previous Weapon - D-pad right
    --joystickkeybt 7 '1'
    ; Next Weapon - D-pad left
    --joystickkeybt 5 '2'
    ; Exit to Main Menu - Start
    --joystickkeybt 3 'h'

    Place the config file in the same folder as the rom and you should be good.


    By default I can start the game, swing my whip, use four different buttons to bring up the map, and that’s it. I can’t move, can’t jump, and so on.
    With your config… same thing.

    As for all of these guides for binding your controls for Reicast config, Kodi, this, and so on…
    …I am always left wondering if a few details were not skipped in the guide, if they could not be worded better, and you know…

    …wondering where they pulled these numbers from. Like how am I supposed to know that 0x00 might correspond to LEFT on my joy pad, while 1 might correspond to RIGHT, 12 for button A, 17 for button B, and 2 for button C and so on?


    EDIT: I wrote the author… almost got it. Will return to explain how.
    Emulator code has been updated in the mean time. ;)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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