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    Please help with setting up a xbox 360 wired controller on retropie 3.0 RC 1 running on Rpi2.

    My controller is connected and blinking. When all is up and running i get to push button A and setup controller. Controller is working outside of all emulators. I can control RetroPie, go in and out of emulators, list roms and start them. But when game starts i can not play it due to the fact that controller is not working in games.

    So i guess controller needs to be configured on some other level so it won’t blink and take position 1 or two or.. so that led is always on.

    How do i do this? Iw looked at so many tutorials but they all differ due to older versions.

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    Follow these steps :
    – Install the “Xboxdrv” drivers from the RetroPie setup menu. Choice option 3 and then the last option.
    – Reboot. The lights should no longer be blinking continuously but one player selection should have lit up
    – Emulationstation will ask you to configure the controller again, follow this.
    – Follow these steps as of RetroPie Configuration (

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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