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    Already found some great info on here to help get my ‘Snesberry Pi’ project off the ground. What I want to know is – Is it possible to wire the controller board of the snes (i.e. the ribbon cable that originally joined the controller board to the snes motherboard) straight into the GPIO pins. I have seen this done on a couple other web searches e.g.:

    Is this doable? if so what pins should I use, I have the new Pi 2. I know the adapter on this site would do the trick but trying to spend as little as possible.

    Finally what software/scripts should I run to tell emulation station this configuration is in place? I am quite a techy guy but Linux/programming is way less straightforward than I thought so I kinda need ‘pizza box’ instructions to help me through anything!

    Thanks in advance for any help guys, much appreciated.


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    You would need to enable SNESDev, e.g. from within the RetroPie-Setup menu. You could have look at the sources of SNESDev to get the correct pin out:

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    Hi Petrock,

    Thanks for the reply. So, if I understand correctly, I should enable SnesDev in the core retropie menu and then wire up the ribbon cable to the gpio pins according to the link you posted at github? Do I have to run any other commands once everything is wired up?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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