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    I have made a project of creating the retro NES all in one gaming console using USB SNES controller and a 512 RPI.

    After working my way through some of the initial hang-ups (ie, the path for config file has changed since 99.9% of the websites or forums have posted guides) I have now come to two issues that I haven’t been able to find a solid answer for.

    The first is regarding wireless connection using a micro usb wifi dongle. I have the recommended Edimax 150Mbps nano usb wireless adapter, however I’m not sure how to go about setting up the wifi connection through RetroPi, or if it is even possible. An article I read recommends using the pre-installed GUI with the Raspbian OS, however the only thing I have installed on my card is the RetroPie. Is there a way to set up a wireless connection so I don’t need to plug in the ethernet cable with only the RetroPie installed, or do I need to partition the SD and load the Raspbian OS?

    The second issue is regarding games lagging, particularly on larger games such as for the N64. I read in some previous postings on the N64 emulator that they were a bit buggy, some games don’t work and they may have lag issues. However, some of these articles were a bit dated, up to a year old. I figured there would be some improvements by now but I have not seen any “fixes” for game lag, and very few mentions of it at all. I read that I should overclock my RPi to the max it will go ( and also to enable frame skipping.
    Are there any recommendations for fixing lag or making these games playable, or are the N64 games just not really in a working condition at the moment?

    One final thought.. is it the same to run the config file and edit it in the command screen interface on the Pi as to use WinSCP from my primary computer, click “edit” on the .cfg and modify/save the text?

    Any answers, suggestions or better links would be appreciated.

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    Solved this myself since no one responded. Answers in case someone has the same issue:

    RetroPie SD Imager has Rasbian OS included. Go to command prompt and type


    In Rasbian you can use it to set up your wireless network.

    With the Pi clocked to max and configured, certain games will run, but still with lag. The Pi just isn’t as powerful as the N64.

    Using the WinSCP to edit files works the same as opening the file from within linux using nano or whatever tool.

    Thanks goes to myself for figuring it out.

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    Ha! Shout out to yourself!

    I’m glad to see you got it figured out.

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    So you have to overclock the pi to play N64? What’s the safest way to go about doing that? You wouldn’t also know how to configure the N64 usb controller by any chance?

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