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    I am wanting to make a setup using original SNES or N64 controllers and hopefully a reset/go-back button so I don’t need a keyboard. First of all will something like this work?

    Secondly what about the GPIO adaptor? What else do you need and how hard is it to add this and where do you get the female plugs??

    Now is there a easy way to use N64 controllers and if so what is the easiest way?


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    I did a NES case’d setup. I modded the plugs in the NES to simply pass through the 4 usb wires. then made a little Female USB to male NES dongle. for my SNES controllers to USB i use something that looks just like that. NO reason that wouldn’t work. But I’ve spent the day working on a gift for a friend’s husband, and she bought one of these

    2 adapters in 2 cable? good deal in my book.

    the power button turns on and off the PI, and I want to wire up the reset button to the Reset Emulator button. I could do the GPIO, but after having done a RetroPie Mame cabinet and just doing a $3 keyboard hack…I think I’ll do that. I need 1 button to do 1 thing, and a keyboard hack is REALLY cheap and REALLY easy..and I’ve got a free usb port inside…so….should be real easy.

    Haven’t done a GPIO adapter….but like I said..if you’re putting it in a big enough case (the keyboard encoder isn’t big, but it won’t fit in a standard raspberry pi case) …keyboard hack is the way to go..IMHO

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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