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    are either of these games capable of running and if so can a gun be used with it?

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    Hey there,
    Crisis 2 is currently only available on seventh generation consoles, (sadly) too much of an ask for an rpi / rpi 2. House of the dead 2 is on sixth generation consoles, which is a lot less of an ask for the pi, but is still slightly out of the question.
    However, there is quite a lot of talk of a Dream-Cast emulator around several forums and Ps2 Emulation, because the pi can technically emulate both of those hardware formats (you need roughly 10X processing power to emulate a system, without the architecture being very different. this mean any Microsoft console (they all have x86 architecture) can defiantly not run on a pi (arm v11/ cortex a7))
    Maybe, as time goes on and with the right amount of work / optimization for the pi, it looks possible.
    Any Questions, Please Ask!

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    thanks for the great info. I guess i’m being abit greedy.

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    Um, he said TIME Crisis, not Crysis.

    Time Crisis 2 was released on the PS2, for what it’s worth.

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