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    I’m still working with RetroPie as a vehicle for introducing myself to the Raspberry Pi. As I saw Wii consoles for sale for $30 – I’m wondering if they are a more cost effective fit as an emulator.

    Wii Pros:
    1) Natively a console – can play Wii discs, etc.
    2) Comes with an enclosure
    3) Comes with a power supply
    4) Integrated wireless
    5) All the standardized integration means less variants to code/account for
    6) As a native console, usually comes with some form of game controller
    7) Source is a larger company presumably with a more fully-stacked design, debug, test, etc. team for hardware. (possibly flawed assumptions here)

    Raspberry Pros:
    1) More active development community (assumed) – because Raspberry was designed as a development platform.
    2) Overall smaller – for applications that need it.
    3) Higher resolution
    4) Faster core speed although I am not sure if how this translates in performance not having reviewed emulators in both platforms
    5) GPIO headers / hardware customization part of original design goals (easier)

    Sure there’s more to list on either side – but at $30 and only slight disadvantages, the Wii looks to be an attractive alternative.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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