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    I have a raspberry pi model b, power supply, 8gb sd card, case, 64gb thumb drive.

    I want to go wireless controller because this will be used in high traffic areas during the holidays, and do not want the kids to knock anything over, or trip on a cord.

    I want to use xbox 360 wireless controllers, I have never used a xbox 360, so will I need a special receiver for them, or just a standard wifi adapter? Is there a better wireless controller to use? If so what all will I need for them also?


    You will need the Xbox 360 wireless adapter, which good luck finding a legit one, they all seem to be Chinese knock-offs, or if you wait a bit you can get the Xbox One wireless adapter next month and wait for Linux support, or PS3 controllers with Bluetooth adapter. option 3 is the best IMO, but pick what you want. It depends on what game system you have.


    For ease of configuration, go with Microsoft OEM parts. Mine work without fuss, but the reviews on the non-OEM USB receivers are… well, they’re not great. They either work or they don’t, with the same reciever getting both kinds of reviews.

    Oh, and they’re like $10 cheaper (at most) than the OEM receiver, so I’d just go OEM if you wanted the 360 controller (I personally find the 360 controller more comfortable than the dual shock ones, and I see far more “help me!” threads for getting bluetooth and the ps3/4 controllers to play nicely. YMMV).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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