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    Im scraping my entire collection right now on PC, and am going to transfer these to the pi.

    I know what pc emulators allow zip files, but my pi isnt here yet so I cant test and see which pi emulators allow zip files.

    Im manually scraping over 15,000 roms, so I dont want to have to redo anything. If there are certain romsets I need to unzip, I need to know before I scrape them.

    I am scraping every system listed here that isn’t experimental.

    Thanks so much for any help.

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    I think with just downloading emulationstation for Windows you could figure that out by yourself pretty fast. I believe the emus are the same for every system when it comes to emulatorstation.

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    I typically extract all roms except the arcade based ones (e.g. mame, fba, neogeo)

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    I need every last bit of space on the SD card that I can get though.

    For instance, my snes set is 600 mb zipped, and 1.02 gb unzipped. Spread this out over 30 other systems and that will eat up TONS of space on my sd card.

    Typically, all my emulators on PC support zipped files, except for emulators that use an iso image, If no one knows any emulators that wont allow zip files for certain I will keep poking around and see if I can’t find out the info.

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    Using the default emulators, these systems confirmed to work with ZIPped games because I use them.

    Gameboy Color
    Gameboy Advance
    PC Engine
    Atari ST

    Amiga (using UAE4Arm, not tested with UAE4All)

    These need to be unzipped :-

    SegaCD ISO’s
    Commodore 64
    ZX Spectrum (Using FUSE, they might work zipped with lr-FUSE)

    These are all the systems that I use, I haven’t tested any others. (Most of these aren’t even listed as zip compatible on the Wiki but they do work fine).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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