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    hi all,

    i just about had this machine exactly the way i want it. i installed kodi to be on the ES strip and noe my 360 wired controller seems to have gotten screwed up.

    it works in everything except that for the life of me, i can’t get SELECT + START to qui anything. everything seems to have been remapped to XBOX BUTTON – L3 to exit.

    now i don’t mind this but i’m wondering WHERE to change this back? i have tried every cfg file i can think of.

    maybe one of the pros can outline what files get loaded, what takes precedence, etc. as an example (i don’t think the below is correct, this is just an example)

    EmulationStation loads – retroarch.cfg loads. file located in opt/retropie/config/all

    emulator XX loads – XX.cfg file loads. file located in xx/xx/xx

    if i could understand the file structure, i am sure i could chase down the cfg that is screwing with my head :)


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    Theres the autoconfig file in opt/retropie/emulators/retroarch/configs/yourgamepad.cfg that is created when you do the retroarch joyconfig. Then there is the retroarch.cfg in opt/retropie/configs/all that is set up for all retroarch emulators and then there is also a retroarch.cfg file for each individual retroarch based emulator in each respective folder in opt/retropie/configs/<systemname>
    See this wiki page on controller configurations

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    thanks an for the input, that helps clear things up for me (I completely forgot about the “yourgamepad.cfg” file.

    i’ll dig deeper a bit more tomorrow but something is up on my end.

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