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    I made an aperture grill overlay, but when I apply it I get a weird diagonal line through the middle of the screen. The overlay is attached below along with a screenshot of the effect.

    The overlay is provided below. Here is a link to a screenshot showing the diagonal line:


    The aperture grill effect plus the scanline effect I created would look awesome and have no effect on performance, if we could just solve this weird diagonal tearing. Actually, it’s tearing three ways, with a vertical line coming from the middle of the screen straight up, but that’s less apparent.

    I can only guess that this is some kind of scaling issue, but I should have no scaling problems with my current setup:
    -video output resolution is native (1080p)
    -retroarch render resolution is set to “use video output”
    -integer scale is on


    double post


    bump, here is the scanlines plus aperture grill overlay that I made. You need to set integer scale ON and a custom resolution that is 5x on the y axis in order to use it, for the 5x version. The 4x version needs a resolution that is 4x scale on the Y axis (see: “how to get perfect video scaling”)

    Also, be aware that it causes a significant reduction in brightness- I would recommend setting overlay opacity no higher than 70% when using this (with backlight, NOT brightness of your display set at 100%).

    Can someone please confirm that this causes a diagonal line through the middle of the screen, with one side brighter than the other? This problem is most noticeable when opacity is set to 100%.

    I think this might be a bug with overlays within Retroarch. I hope that it isn’t a problem with the Pi itself.

    here is the 5x version of the overlay:

    here is the 4x version:

    below is a screenshot showing the problem (enlarge to 100%).

    I tried making a 720p 3x version but I wasn’t happy with the results since it resulted in a 2/3rd reduction in brightness, so I removed it.


    I tested it and have the same issue:
    Vertical Scanline Diagonal Line

    But it’s not an issue with overlays at all or the technic behind.
    I testet it on PC with an 1080p display and all looks fine as it should:
    Vertical Scanlines

    I could imagine:
    – It’s a problem with the Retroarch build. If you compile the Retroarch binarys on RPi several things differs from the original Retroarch which is contained in the Retropie image 3.0.2 Beta although the version Number is the same.

    – It’s a problem with the HDMI output of the RPi


    Thanks for testing that! That helps narrow it down.

    It’s either a problem with the version of RA being used, or a problem with how the Pi handles video rendering.

    I’ll post an issue on the retropie github. Looks like there are several bugs still to be ironed out with the retropie.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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