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    Pi Model: B+
    RetroPie Version Used: 3.3
    Built From: SD Image
    USB Devices connected: mini USB wifi dongle /WD 500gb passport mini HD/ 2x controller (give or take)
    Controller used: SNES Usb, or Sixaxis
    Error messages received: NA
    Guide used: NA

    Issue: PI2 works great, emus are up just fine. I’m trying to get my PSX isos on the passport external HDD to pick up. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

    *sudo apt for NTFS-3g package on the pi
    *sudo blkid shows drive is connected at dev/sda1
    *Voltage to ports increased, I confirm drive is powered well enough. I have a backup usb hub I have tried, voltage is not the issue. Drive+PI are on enough juice.

    *edited etc/fstab with the following:
    UUID=3C180DE0180D99D2 ntfs-3g defaults,permissions,locale-en_US.utf8 0 0

    (I was suggested to mount by UUID instead of relying on the port)

    sudo blkid output: (I’m not sure why I see this drive labeled twice at different locations)

    /dev/sda1: LABEL=”external” UUID=”3C180DE0180D99D2″ TYPE=”ntfs”
    /dev/sr0: LABEL=”WD SmartWare” TYPE=”ntfs”

    I edited es_systems.cfg to point to what I thought was the correct directory, I have tried:


    any thoughts?


    well I used to run my system from my USB, but now I’ve changed my setup to using USB only for roms and sd for system files,

    ok here’s what I did and all works perfect,

    since you’ve done a lot of work already I’d suggest trying this as your addressing your es_systems.cfg


    if no good I’ll go through my step by step set up


    if no good I’ll go through my step by step set up

    Let me see what you did, maybe it will show where I went wrong. For what it’s worth, I see my drive on sudo blkid but not ls /media/usb* (which SHOULD show a drive, right?)


    I’d like just to point out, I’m not saying this is the way this should be done, this is the way I have done it & it works well for me

    ok, here goes,

    firstly I edited /boot/config.txt on a fresh RetroPie image.

    sudo nano /boot/config.txt

    adding right at the bottom


    next I format the drive to ext4 via a spare rPi running Raspbian, using gparted

    sudo apt-get install gparted

    next boot the RetroPie image I prepared earlier, with the drive in.
    once set up RetroPie, I set permissions on the drive with, this will allow to add files as & when needed via ftp

    sudo chown -R pi:pi /media/usb0

    now I don’t use any uuid’s as I don’t plan on using any other drives, (I use a 128gb USB drive)

    then i can create folders & add roms…

    then edit the es_systems.cfg

    pointing directories to



    but, if your other roms are showing up fine then there may be another reason, maybe something simple, maybe….

    uppercase or lowercase text?


    Format the drive fat32


    Insecure spike did you have to edit fstab to make the drive mount automatically at every boot? I don’t see anything about it there.


    no mate usb’s auto mount, in RetroPie


    [quote=112949]no mate usb’s auto mount, in RetroPie


    I bet that’s what my problem is, I’ve been tweaking with fstab file thinking it matters here


    quite possible, mate


    I think it may be working now:
    *deleted altered entries in /etc/fstab
    *formatted 500gb drive to ext4
    *ftp’d an iso over to it as a test (took a horrible long time at around 250k/s)
    *altered path for PSX to /media/usb0/psx , ISO is found and working

    Is there a way to tell by command what capacity there is available on the drive? or through emulationstation? I can see the SD card capacity through ‘sudo blkid’ but that doesn’t list the external drive space.


    df -h


    [quote=112993]df -h


    You’re awesome, thanks. That confirms it’s connected and at the right size ;)


    your welcome fella, glad ya got it all sorted!

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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