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    I have stripped a SNES console bare and only kept the controller ports and want to connect these ports to straight to the GPIO ports of the Rasp Pi (this because of really limited resources at the moment).

    From the schematics of the RetroPi GPIO Adapter I think this should be the right pinout, and I can use controller 1 in Emulation Station.
    Controller 2 doesn’t work though.

    Have I used the right pins, or should I use others?

    VCC (SNES 1) to P1
    Clock (Snes 2) to P19
    Latch (Snes 3) to P23
    Data 1 (Snes 4) to P7
    Data 2 (Snes 4 on the other side) to P5
    Ground (Snes 7) to P6

    Any help is appreciated!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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