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    I just set up my first RetroPie last night, and got everything working pretty great. However, I’ve noticed that when I start a game and when I head back to Emulation Station, the video glitches out during the transition for a short time and stray lines and dots appear on screen until everything snaps into place; there’s also a crackling sound during the glitching out. Whatever’s happening, it feels bad.

    I’m running a Pi 2 with the most recent RetroPi download, and going into my hdtv at 1980×1020 interlaced, 60hz. Anyone have any thoughts as to what’s happening? Is it that RetroArch isn’t set at the same resolution as my EmulationStation/Pi frontend? And where would I go to change that?

    Thanks! I plan to post some splash screens to the forum later, as a thanks for any help I can get!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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