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    This is a hope/dream/idea for Emulation Station. The standard theme is great, but I always wish that it would display a video behind each console logo instead of a static image.

    I just imagine scrolling through my consoles, and when landing on the Sega Gensis/Mastersystem logo, instead of a static image of Sonic, it’s a 30 (or maybe 60) second video of someone going through the first stage of Sonic. Or perhaps 3 10-second clips of 3 different games that represent that system.

    I limited it to 30/60 seconds just because I figure you wouldn’t want these massive video files taking up space, and 30/60 seconds is already a decent length of time to do whatever you would want.

    I know that this is currently not possible, but could it be? Could this feature be added? I figure the way the themes are setup wouldn’t need to change, just the ability to use a *.mp4 or *.webm instead of *.jpg or *.png. What would need to be added would be the ability for Emulation Station to grab and display videos.

    I really think it would bring that system menu to life, to see the games being played in the background, sort of like watching the arcade screens before someone walks up to it and inserts a coin.

    I can think of half-a-dozen ideas of what videos to make for the different systems, from simple to complex to ridiculous. I just wish I had the ability to display videos there.

    What do you think?

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    I like this idea, however if it is theoretically possible then my only fear is how processor or RAM-intensive it would be.

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    You should post this request in the new official forum of EmulationStation at

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    robertybob: I agree, that is my main concern. The only thing I can hope is that when in the Emulation Station menu, you will have plenty of spare RAM/CPU to power these videos, and then once entering a game, the videos are flushed (is that a thing?) from RAM.

    nilsbyte: Ok, I will.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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