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    Hi, I just installed vice and vice roms via the but I can’t find no way to start the commodore 64 emulator. Any help?


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    Ok, I managed to answer by myself.

    I had to:

    – install vice package thru
    – install all binaries thru retropie_setup.h

    this install vice but emulationstation can’t see it. So it has to be lanched manually:

    /opt/retropie/emulators/vice-2.4/installdir/bin/x64 -sdlbitdepth 16

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    What did you do once you did this? In the version of RetroPie I configured it came already installed, and ES sees the .d64 and .t64 files I dropped into the appropriate folder, but when I launch one it just goes to the standard C64 boot screen and I can’t get the image to launch, not even with a “LOAD “*”,8,1″. The configured command is the same as yours but with the %ROM% environment variable tacked onto the end, as in:

    /opt/retropie/emulators/vice-2.4/installdir/bin/x64 -sdlbitdepth 16 %ROM%

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    am running newest version of retropie – 2.7 i think.
    got some c64 roms in the form of .tap files and put them in the roms folder.
    emulationstation sees them automatically but when i load them it takes forever like back in the ’80s/90s.
    tried warp mode but doesn’t seem to work.
    i want instant loads.
    any suggestions?

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